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ICAB Structural analysis

by the finite element method (FEA) applied to

  • steel constructions, industrial plants and equipment

  • beams, shells

  • metal, wood, concrete, composite

with CAD software - Computer Aided Design

Company ICAB

  1. develop and markets Finite Element Analysis software under Windows
  2. ensure of the trainings and the assistance of the users of software ICAB
  3. propose provisions of services for the establishment of notes of calculations.
  4. provides a standardized form for calculation notes
  5. on line design guide and structural analysis tips

Profile of the company

For the engineering and design departments, ICAB proposes at the best price the structural analysis software implemented on computers using the most standardized operating system, enabling the use of techniques once reserved for advanced research labs.

Conceive quickly and right by the finite element method

The finite element method is a numerical method which makes it possible to estimate the behavior of structures before their effective realization.

Thus, the engineering and design department in charge with the design and the realization study plans of the work simulates the standardized loadings snow-wind. These structural analyses do not need to be sub-contracted at an external office. One can thus simultaneously undertake studies, design by calculation and the estimate of prices. The dimensioning of the building and structure is thus quickly obtained and the estimate of the building site is established on right bases. The schedule of conditions is respected and the composition of the price is justified perfectly and justifiable.

Finite element method with your range

From years 60/70's, the finite element method was used for the realization of great projects of industry (space, nuclear power).

In the Eighties, the large companies obtain host computers and develop the structural analyses with the finite element method for industrial achievements (aeronautics, car).

These techniques are now within your range with any computer functioning under Windows.

Choose a tool which adapts to you

Applications ICAB use the graphic interface Windows, which offers an intuitive and coherent interface to use of the power of any PC computer.

If you use a software for Windows (text processing, spreadsheet), you are already familiar with the environment of ICAB applications.

Under Windows, you have only one application simultaneously to create, modify, calculate, visualize one or more structures.

Guarantee your investment by choosing the standards

Applications ICAB function on any computer PC or compatible using Windows (3.1, 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7).

The finite element method can be practically used for all the technical achievements. One day or the other, you will employ it.

ICAB opens to you the doors of the CAD design by the use of the formats of files of exchange best recognized: IGES, DXF, Universal.

The data and the results for the notes of calculations are available to the ASCII format (usable by any text processing), with the format Lotus WKS (worksheet for spreadsheet) and MicroSoft Office/Word.

Adapted to specializations trades

The technical rules used in structural analysis for the checking of the elements of the beam type, plate, shell, assembly, apply the standards applied to metal steel, aluminium, wood (DTU CM66, CB71, BAEL91, Eurocode , AISC) with developments for the concrete and materials in composite.


ICAB address

Postal address head office - contact us
2 rue Joly
31400 Toulouse, France
Design office:
11 rue Gaston Phoebus
31300 Toulouse, France
(33)+5 62 26 06 06
(33)+5 62 26 00 40

assembly and computation software of structure for engineering and design department in construction, frame and industrial plant, material resistance of the type metal steel and aluminium, wood, composite concrete, finite element (beam and hull), note of calculation, element, finished, eurocode, dtu, using the CAD, design assistee by computer.

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